Chapter 07

A parfum SEEN BY

Words by: Aina Castelló / Pictures by: artists

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Office campaign (Morning routine)

Creative direction exploring the concept of “unisex and gender-neutral perfume” based on the brand’s product “Morning Parfum”.

he campaign is based on a two-piece collection (tie and coffee cup) conventionally associated with the Monday-to-Friday morning routine. Both objects have the words “morning routine” and the reminder to apply parfum.

 Historically the tie has been associated to be worn by men. However, time has changed so we wanted to represent the gender-neutral idea through this object, connecting it to mid/night’s parfum collection.


One afternoon, everything good and bad happened to me and I put on After five perfume. And from the smell of this perfume it occurred to me to go for a dip on the island's shore with my favourite person. And we stayed there for hours to watch the sunset.

Industrial designer who seeks to generate a debate about the material resources by working with the pre-existing and relocating the production. Rather than consume new raw materials, he generates sustainable workflows and results that are emotionally linked to their contexts by taking advantage of the available resources.

Inspired by the beautiful imaginary world of Codex Seraphinianus, I wanted to create a new "species" made out of the ingredients of the perfume. This creation is rooted in the belief that in the world of scent, there's a quiet philosophy that lingers within each bottle of perfume. It's a blend of stories and origins coming together into an aroma. Ingredients sourced from distant lands, each carrying its own narrative, mingle and merge to create something entirely novel. The perfume is a reflection of how disparate elements can coalesce to form beauty and meaning.

The piece for 'Afterfive' was inspired on memories of holiday trips in the mediterranean, using paper collage animation and VHS tapes footage.

The scent of Midday brought back memories in waves. First, I tried to place the smell - I knew it, but couldn’t think where from. After another sniff I recognised the tomato leaf, just like in my childhood garden, and my Gran’s greenhouse where she would tend to budding plant life. Wafts of warm, tomato memories came back to me in the same way the smell is carried on the wind, or in the draught left behind when someone walks past. With each animation frame I drew, the memories took their own shapes. And when I sequenced them, each moment came together as a rediscovered leaf.