Chapter 08

A routine SEEN BY

Words by: Aina Castelló / Pictures by: artists

Celebrate artistic expression. Intersection beauty and art.

This project was born to discover how mid/night’s 00.00 routines can be seen in different artistic gazes.

Visual Researcher and Creative Director working across the fields of art, culture and fashion.

Gemma digs for content in archives and collections for brands, documentaries, films, creative treatments and other visual projects.


Graphic designer and visual explorer based in Barcelona. From paper scraps to personal projects @pauladealvaro wants to develop her design perspective from reflection, critical, fiction or speculative practices.– “I see design as a tool for expressing ideas and not simply at the service of a client’s commission.”

Would say a photographer and art director, but also conceptual development and visual strategy. My studio is my cave; where color, shape, light and music are the essence of my photographs.

A multidisciplinary illustrator and maker working primarily with analogue and print processes. She is interested in exploring how the tactility of print can be combined with other sensory sti

Graduated in Product Design and with a Master in Fashion Research. His artistic practice explores individual memory through colors, volumes, shapes and icons. Working with paint and textiles he is interested in intrinsic stories and feelings.

Léonor is a French-Vietnamese designer and artist. Her work questions text and letters through a variety of media: ceramics, textiles, drawings...

She invents her own alphabet and language, which she uses as motifs in her creations. She also works as a set designer and ceramist for the food scene.

Art Director, visual researcher and graphic designer based in Barcelona. Working in a broad range of fields such as fashion, culture, advertising , customer goods and luxury.