Body Scrub Bar 00.33 Limited Edition
Body Scrub Bar 00.33 Limited Edition
Body Scrub Bar 00.33 Limited Edition
Body Scrub Bar 00.33
Body Scrub Bar 00.33 Limited Edition
Body Scrub Bar 00.33 Limited Edition
Body Scrub Bar 00.33 Limited Edition

Body Scrub Bar 00.33

Solid Collection 04 | Limited Edition by PEPO

Designed to reduce single-use plastic waste in your daily routine.

Solid scrub with poppy seeds and coconut shell powder. Exfoliates and renews your skin. Poppy seeds and coconut shell powder promote gentle exfoliation, help remove dead skin cells and promote cell regeneration, leaving skin clean, soft and smooth.


  • Exfoliates, restores and removes all unwanted toxins.
  • Stimulates cell renewal by eliminating dry and flaky skin.
  • Smoothes and deeply moisturises.

Hero Ingredients: moringa oil, rosemary oil and turmeric root.

Suitable for: all skin types.

Frequency: 2-3 times a week.

When: before Body Wash Bar 00.34.

Amount: up to 50 washes.

Scent: rosemary.

Size: 100 g. 3.53 Oz.

97,2 % Natural | Plant-based | Vegan | Cruelty-Free | Genderless

Locally Produced & pH-balanced  

Pepo Moreno: born in Tortosa and studied in Barcelona. He studied Advertising and Communication and specialised in film scriptwriting. He lived in Berlin for four years, where he created much of what he is today. He worked in the cosmetics industry for almost eight years. He currently lives in Paris, where he is fully dedicated to developing his artistic career. Pepo's work experience in the cosmetics world is what made him connect with mid/night 00.00 from the very first moment, since then, we haven't stopped finding common ground.

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How to use


Use 2/3 per week. Use gentle upward circular movements to remove impurities and stimulate circulation at the same time. Avoid exfoliating the most delicate areas of the body. Let the vegetable oils in it absorb for 30 seconds and rinse off with plenty of water.


Use the product from shoulders to toes. Rinse off with a lukewarm shower and finish with a cold shower to tone up. Finally, apply Body Wash Bar 00.34 afterwards to calm and recover your skin from the exfoliation.

Hero Ingredients

Moringa oil

Moringa oil has an antimicrobial effect. Using it to massage the skin, helps to remove dead skin and prevent clogging of pores by sebum or dead skin cells. It also helps to repair the skin.

Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Oil

Rosemary Oil hydrates the skin, which helps to control oil production. It also provides an antibacterial surface for the skin, keeping acne at bay. Rosemary Oil's antiseptic properties are beneficial to skin conditions such as eczema.

Curcuma Longa Root Powder

Curcuma powder can help heal wounds, prevent breakouts, fight eczema and psoriasis, brighten dark circles and bring out your natural glow.

Full List

Sodium Olivate, Sodium Cocoate, Aqua, Glycerin, Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Oil, Menthyl Acetate, Cocos Nucifera Shell Powder, Vanillin, Papaver Rhoeas Seed, Moringa Oleifera Seed Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, D-Limonene, Curcuma Longa Root Powder


Shipping time

24/48h Spain, 2-3 days Europe & 3-5 days U.S. & Canada.

How long does the product last?

Up to 50 washes.

Is it suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes it is. The Body Srub Bar works very well with sensitive skins as it is natural, free of any toxins and has a balanced pH. Furthermore, moringa oil repairs your skin. If you have very sensitive skin, we recommend using the product every 15 days.


Less is more

Often we have too many personal care products, some of them very unnecessary. We want to optimise beauty by offering less products but more versatile & cross-functional, composed with healthy ingredients that enhance your sincere and real beauty.

Clean Beauty

You will never find the following products in our line: Silicones, Parabens, Phthalates, SLS, GMO, Chemical sunscreen. We believe that these ubiquitous ingredients are at the root of almost every skin issue, and this ingredient-elimination benefits all skin types.