Chapter 02

Brianda Fitz-James x' mid/night 00.00

Words by: Júlia Casamitjana / Pictures by: Luciano Insua

Brianda Fitz-James Stuart

Born in Madrid. I live in Madrid. I am cheerful and an animal lover. I am an illustrator and a print designer. My main source of inspiration is nature.

What makes you feel identified with the mid/night 00.00 world?

Firstly, the mystery which is associated with the night. Then there is theelegance, the aromatic plants, the sustainability and the sensuality. Thoseare words that inspire me and that are closely related to my creative ima-gery. I personally draw a lot of naked women and mid/night 00.00 is a verysensual brand. Any world in touch with nature is similar to my own.

Solid Body Essentials by Brianda.

How do the colours and drawings arise from the collaboration?

I have picked the colours thinking about how my favourite ones would look like under the light of the full moon, with the intention that they would provide a feeling of cleanliness. Each painting represents the ingredients of the products it illustrates. Bergamot, rosemary, lemon and orange.

Since the Body Wash Bar contains rosemary, I have painted a naked woman surrounded by this very aromatic plant, associated with the goddess Aphrodite because it was considered to be an aphrodisiac in ancient Greece.

For the hair products, I thought it seemed interesting to introduce the majestic lion, because of its elegance and its wonderful hair. The lion is related to wisdom and, in this case, it would portray how to take care of nature and bet on sustainability.

Brianda's first drawings | Solids Collection 01.

I am very interested in trying to be the best version of myself. It is a very beautiful path and task.

Brianda Fitz-James Stuart Pattern Designer & Illustrator

The mid/night 00.00 routines are designed for a more real and sincere beauty. How do you see yourself?

I feel like I am constantly changing. I don’t like to say I am “like this”or “like that”. I believe that it could interfere with personal growth. I am very interested in trying to be the best version of myself. It is a very beautiful path and task but, at the same time, a very tough one!

Solid Routine Collection 01 | Limited Edition Brianda Fits-James Stuart

In your book: "My Recreational Universe. Curiosities and Other Beasts", you draw yourself with a tail, horns, claws and dragon wings.

Yes. It is a joke that depicts that moment when you feel totally out of place, a strange duck. It is something very intimate about me but also very universal. At some point, we have all felt like a kind of strange mythological being.


And what would you like to show?

My art. I am interested in seeing and sharing beauty so that people are happy. That is my intention.


Taking care of comes from coidar, which derives from the Latin term co-gitāre, that is to say, to reflect on. How do you think of yourself?

I now find myself at a point where I try to take care of myself and not abandon myself. I make an effort to be attentive to the subtleties of life and to the body, which always warns you of things. I try not to wait until I feel terrible before I go to the doctor. I practice alternative therapies like yoga, acupuncture or homeopathy. Also, I just quit smoking! It’s only been a week but there’s no turning back now. And, of course, I use products from mid/night 00.00: natural, without chemicals and non-aggressive.

I make an effort to be attentive to the subtleties of life and to the body, which always warns you of things.

Brianda Fitz-James Stuart Pattern Designer & Illustrator

Solid Hair Essentials by Brianda.

Brianda's first drawings | Solids Collection 01.

Conditioner Bar 00.32

Do you manage to be calm?

When I escape to the countryside. In Madrid, the closest thing to nature is my cat. When I spend time with her, she gives me a lot of peace.


Any secret ritual?

I usually try out different things but meditating for ten minutes is a must do for me. To focus all your attention on breathing and then to suddenly enter the void. To breathe and be calm, that is my ritual.


How do you illustrate Nature?

At first, many images spring to mind. I have no definite or clear idea about it. I interpret it depending on what I want to tell. I look it up in books, mostly botanical ones, and, if I can, I go for a walk.


When was the last time you were moved by something?

I am very whiny. When I see something beautiful, I immediately get emotional and there are millions of things that move me. I believe that the last time this happened was when I went to the countryside in Salamanca, just a brief moment, at sunset.