Chapter 01

Ignasi Monreal x' mid/night 00.00

Words by: Júlia Casamitjana / Pictures by: Luciano Insua

Ignasi Monreal

Born in Barcelona. Living between Rome and Lisbon. I’m the laziest hard-working guy you’ll meet. When they ask me what I do for a living, I say that I am a painter because that’s the best thing I do: paint. Sometimes I have to clarify that I don’t paint houses, but the anecdote actually amuses me.

Means? Many: digital painting, oil painting, ceramics, animation, artistic or creative direction. I like to start off with very literal ideas; sometimes they are so obvious to me that they seem brilliant.

Body Essentials by Ignasi Monreal.

What brought you closer to the mid/night 00.00 universe?

I met Nina in Ibiza on the last day of “annus horribilis 2020”. Such was the catharsis of our encounter that we “clicked” immediately, and the collaboration arose organically. I hadn’t spoken Catalan for years and I loved re-discovering these roots. I hadn’t abandoned them, but I wasn’t very close to them either. I was inspired by Nina herself and her project. We belong to a generation which is very fucked up. I was hoping to paint her, so she still has to pose for me one day.

How does the Solid Routine packaging design materialise?

The design is based on a series of paintings that I did as an exercise when I arrived in Rome. I had been painting digitally for ten years, without even touching a brush, and I wanted to get back to painting with my own hands. Because the city is full of incredible statues, I took up life drawing. You know what I mean.

I also drew postcards within the art of the city. When I saw the photos of the packaging, I thought of putting the boxes one on top of the other so as to create a face. I intended the collection to work as a set, but above all, I wanted to give a sense of fun and playfulness to it.

Hair Essentials by Ignasi

mid/night 00.00 moves away from the canons of beauty and defends a more thoughtful and sincere perception of oneself. How does Ignasi Monreal see himself?

As someone who is getting older. I don’t even think about that. In a terrible mess, maybe. In my pyjamas.


And how would you like to be seen? From afar, with a stick.


What is your most intimate and quiet moment?

I can give you two. The first one is less common. I recently read that the most likely place you can cry in is an aeroplane. This usually happens tome during a long flight, when I look out the window. It is indeed a good time for introspection. The second moment is more recurring. It starts at eleven o’clock at night. When the world goes to sleep, I wake up, although not literally. When there are no e-mails, no noise, when nobody is calling you or bothering you and when not even the postman comes by, that’s when I can really focus and work better, without being interrupted.

As the day comes to an end, I think to myself, how did today go? It was kind of fucked up. They have called me for an interview and I have just blurted out a load of bullshit!

Ignasi Monreal Interdisciplinary Artist

Solid Hair Essentials by Ignasi Monreal.

mid/night 00.00 is born at 00.00, at midnight. Nina lights a candle and pre-pares for her beauty routine. They may be simple gestures, but their own repetition can be very powerful. What is your ritual?

A joint before going to sleep. “A little bit of self-criticism” like the anthropophagus city councillor from Almodóvar’s film says. Is it useful? It’s true! As the day comes to an end, I think to myself, how did today go? It was kind of fucked up. They have called me for an interview and I have just blurted out a load of bullshit!


So, same ceremony for your work?

Yes, it is the moment that inspires me the most to work. If the deadline is approaching, it also helps


What meaning does natural have for you?

Something that remains in the most similar state to nature’s original.


How would you represent it?

I would put a strawberry yogurt next to a plain one and I would say: it’s the white one.

Do you think that there is a specific area in our brain where we store beauty, everything that excites us and moves us?

Yes. I think it exists and I personally try to live there all the time. It is also one of the reasons why I moved to Rome.