Chapter 04

Miranda Makaroff x' mid/night 00.00

Words by: Sara Jurado & Claudia Noble | Pictures By: Luciano Insua

Miranda Makaroff

Miranda is a multidisciplinary artist: she paints, designs, acts and sculpts. But overall, she celebrates women and brings their pleasures and desires to life in full color.

Born in a family whose veins run filled in with art – her mother is designer Lydia Delgado, and her father Singer Sergio Makaroff, her education was a continuous journey of finding out inspiration and who Miranda really is.

This artist runs away from traditional conventions
and establishment, and explores a visual universe with no restrictions, repressions or censorship. A universe that travels as much as she does, and has been showcased during Miami Art Basel, and in galleries in Madrid and Ibiza.

Solid Collection by Miranda

What brought you closer to the mid/night 00.00 universe? How do you identify yourself with it?

The universe that surrounds mid/night 00.00 is what brought me closer to it; from its values as a brand to the quality of its products, adding the craftsmanship and love involved in taking care of even the smallest details. I identify myself a lot with products that are ecological, and natural: it is the universe that mid/night 00.00 encompasses and the one we need to take care of ourselves, both inside and out. 

In the past, I have received natural products, but the ones from mid/night 00.00 have really captivated me because they are handcrafted. For example, the hair soaps, made in a solid format, are a delight: it is a real pleasure to enjoy a product that is cared for and that takes care of you.

Naturally, I feel identified with everything that is related to art, and with the fact that you have always collaborated with other artists for the packaging of the solid routine. It seems to me that it is a beautiful way of linking art with the products – including other arts, such as music. 

Miranda Makaroff shooting

My ritual is to connect with the feelings inside and bring them out, using painting as a psychological therapy to change my levitation and elevate it.

Miranda Makaroff Multidisciplinary artist

mid/night 00.00 moves away from the canons of beauty and defends a more thoughtful and sincere perception of oneself. How do you see yourself?

I feel very connected with everything mid/night 00.00 represents, I am honest with myself and with others. I see myself as a very sensitive and fun person, full of love, eager to create. I try to be authentic, to listen to my inner voice and to be really connected to it, because it is who really guides you to be the way you are. I also try to surround myself with people who are real, loving, sensitive and authentic, that’s how I like to be. 

And how would you like to be seen? What would you like to show?

As a person who brings life and good vibes, as someone capable of giving vitality and creativity to spaces through the art of painting. But I am also someone who skips the rules, who goes against the tide and is a bit rebellious, with and without cause. I like to be seen like this, just as I am. I want them to see me without filters, without duplicities, without two faces: ultimately, being real. 

Mid/night 00.00 is committed to a more attentive and sincere look at oneself, which is precisely what I look for, both with myself and with those around me. Being honest with yourself has to do with the truth.

I also want to show that all humans have two sides: a light one and a dark one, and it is also necessary to accept the latter from others and embrace it in the same way.

mid/night 00.00 is born at 12 at night. Nina lights a candle and prepares for her beauty routine. They may be simple gestures, but their own repetition can be very powerful. What is your ritual?

I didn’t have a ritual until I discovered the mid/night 00.00 products and their 4-step routines. I now have a beauty routine, which starts with the cleanser and scrub, to clean impurities, and is followed by the serum and moisturiser. The change in my skin has been incredible. My skin breathes, I eliminate the toxins and I feel that I bring luminosity to my skin – it is the most important organ we have, and it needs care and pampering every day through these routines.

Shampoo Bar

Any secret ritual for your work/inspiration?

My inspiration is life, confusion, mental chaos, joy… I mean, all the feelings I have inspire me to create things. Sometimes, when the world is grey, I think of bringing crazy colours to it, to also brighten up my life. I want to surround people with colours because it is a kind of therapy for me.

My secret ritual is to paint with colour. Personally, it is a mental therapy and a way of letting my feelings out in the open. It calms me down but, at the same time, it turns me on. When I paint, I feel authentic, and that feeling makes me so horny that, if I am painting, I have to stop to masturbate so I can enjoy that moment.

What meaning does natural have for you?

Natural for me means being transparent with whatever comes your way and not trying to cover it up, or showing something you are not, because it doesn’t work. For me, natural means genuine.

How do you illustrate or represent Nature?

It is the most precious thing that exists on planet Earth. All the money in the world wouldn’t be able of buying nature, it is the most important thing in my life. I moved to Ibiza because I needed the magic of nature, the delirium, the abundance: it is Alice in Wonderland. We would be nothing without nature, we owe everything to it. 

Conditioner bar

How does the Solid Routine packaging design appear? How do the colours and drawings of the collaboration emerge?

It wasn’t necessary for me to imagine because the best imagination is the one that already exists; hence the dance with the sunset – which I saw in one of Nina’s Instagram stories this summer, with people dancing under the sunset, the feeling of living the summer, of the happiness of that precise moment. So I drew my perception of what I had understood summer meant for you: music, pleasure and nature, and the union of all this was what inspired me to do the packaging.