Chapter 03

curated by x’ mid/night 00.00

Words by: Júlia Casamitjana / Pictures by: Neige Thebault

Timeless and unique objects

A beauty routine is a miscellaneous combination of ingredients, gestures and objects. Curated by is a Barcelona based design brand. Max and Albert are the brains behind it: they come up with and make everyday objects. They also share the same principles with mid/night 00.00: taking care of every detail, every stroke and every formula.

Because everything should be timeless, and not compromised with trends or seasons. To pamper every corner and every moment in everyday life. It is precisely from this common passion for functional and beautiful things that this soap dish and collaboration is born. Two minds are always better than one.

We didn’t have to give it much thought. From the very beginning, the object’s materiality was brought up. I was familiar with mid/night 00.00’s leitmotiv: less is more. And that’s why I searched for a natural stone.

Max Enrich Partner & Object Designer.

Travertine, beauty and versatility.

There was a piece of Iranian travertine in the stonemason’s workshop, as a remnant of an old project. Dense, porous and soft, this stone is slowly formed upon its contact with water, which gradually dissolves the rock and the amount of calcium carbonate in it. Thanks to its versatility and malleability, travertine allows an infinite range of textures and finishes. Immovable and eternal, it supports millenary Mediterranean churches and other historical monuments.

The piece of travertine is cut delicately, auscultating the stone and following its fissures and commissures. The first side of the soap dish emerges from this first cut: a consequence of the stone’s slow wear and tear. It’s an irregular and changing surface, but, curiously enough, the soap finds its place quite easily. The same magic that shaped the travertine defines its support. Max explains how two natural elements can come into contact, observing and respecting nature’s long processes, without the need to design their touch or friction.

The other sides of the piece are worked in a more sober manner: they are cut straight, and a softer rubber is added to the base. The final result is a material which is alive, a porous stone that preserves soap and respects its natural ingredients.